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1-800-DryClean provides complimentary repair service for many of your minor mending needs—you don’t even need to ask. If we see a broken shirt button that must be replaced we will do so automatically, free of charge.

We also provide a full line of affordable alteration and tailoring services.

  • Pants alterations: take in the waist and alter the hem
  • Suit alterations: shorten sleeves, tailor pants, and suppress waists
  • Wedding dress alterations: hemming, bodice alterations, and sleeve shortening
  • Prom dress alterations: your prom dress will fit perfectly for the big dance
  • Seam stitching
  • Zipper replacements
  • Many other minor repairs

To ensure that we provide you with the quality service you expect from 1-800-DryClean, we require your signed permission and specific instructions for each garment. If you send in a garment that is significantly damaged without instructions attached, we will contact you BEFORE cleaning it, with an attached note requesting your permission to do the necessary work.

Please carefully inspect your garments prior to leaving them in your Bright Blue Bag. You can simply jot down your instructions and pin the note to your article of clothing for repair or alteration. Your note will serve as permission to handle the problem, so we can take care of your needs quickly* and efficiently.

*Turnaround time for alterations varies by complexity.