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Household fabrics are subject to different soil and exposure damage than clothing; however, the 1-800-DryClean professionals are experts in caring for the special needs of these textiles.

Comforters and bedspreads

Bedding is often tailored, quilted, or adorned, requiring special attention to the item. 1-800-DryClean will select the best care method for your comforter or bedspread. It is best to clean all matching items (curtains, pillow shams, skirting) simultaneously to ensure that any minimal color variation resulting from the cleaning process will be uniform.


Draperies may undergo a multitude of exposure damages. Water damage can occur from window condensation and prolonged exposure to humidity, including fabric shrinkage in material that has not been pre-shrunk. Years of sunlight can discolor and weaken fabric so intensely that it will shred when washed in an agitation washer. Age, moisture, light, heat, tobacco smoke, and other atmospheric soils combine to permanently yellow fabric. 

With regular professional dry cleaning, draperies made of an average-grade fabric are expected to last three to five years.


Many upholstery textiles are not suitable for immersion cleaning and should be cared for by a professional dry cleaner to ensure cushions and covers continue to match the rest of the piece of furniture. Please note that you should never remove cushion covers when dry cleaning or washing them—should any shrinking or other damage occur you may not be able to use them again, destroying your entire piece of furniture.